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Revolutionize your campaigns with POP ads that interact with your audience, give you analytics and more.

Digital Signage - 2D & 3D Holographic Telepresence

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Digital Signage 2D y 3D Holográfica
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We help you stand out!


We are so saturated with advertisements everywhere we go, that few of them catch our attention as users.

That is why we have partnered with leading technology companies to help your campaigns stand out.

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We complement and power your campaigns

Now you can create your campaigns in a unique way with digital signage solutions, digital murals, holographic telepresence, pop ads, 2D, 3D and interactive indoor and outdoor ads that can be programmed to appear and react according to the audience watching them.




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medios o publicidad exterior

Whether you want to share with your audience your products, services, real-time information from your social networks, videos, weather forecasts and much more, you can do it from your computer or your mobile phone.

Whether it's a man, a woman, a family, a group of friends, whether it's 1:00pm or 1:00am, the appropriate message will appear on the screen for them, creating a great impact on whoever passes by your business, your store or sees it in the city’s main OOH Advertising.

We work with the best technology partners.

Our alliances with the world's leading technology companies enable us to develop groundbreaking solutions that enable you to do business in new ways and increase your productivity.


This month, we welcome our partners Jalinga, ElementOne and Christie Digital as we expand our portfolio of solutions.

Send us a message and we will get back to you to learn more about your project and make a proposal for your campaign to créate the impact you are looking for.

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Yes, let me tell you!
señalizacion digital mexico